Welcome to SLIM's Newcomer wiki. While this page is accessible without password, you will need to be set-up to access our other internal wiki pages.

    Here are few steps that you will have to take during the first days of your stay with SLIM group:

    • Talk to your host or SLIM's administrator to find out:
      1. where is your office
      2. how to get access (key or cardlock combination) to office and building
      3. how to apply for EOS e-mail account
      4. who is SLIM computers' system administrator (currently Henryk @ room 4031)
    • Talk to SLIM computers' system administrator to:
      1. Sign the IP waiver
      2. Get accounts and passwords
        1. LDAP account (secure) - Macs, Apple Servers, slimgroup.eos.ubc.ca wikis and blogs
        2. Subversion (SVN) account (secure) - SVN software repositories
        3. Gitlab (GIT) account - GIT software repositories
        4. Private-publications account (secure) - SLIM's Private publications
        5. Cluster account (secure) - OPTIMUM cluster account
      3. Send your e-mail address to SLIM Administrator to subscribe to the mailing lists
      4. Send your Slack e-mail address (register first if necessary) to SLIM Administrator to subscribe to our Slack group
      5. Send your Dropbox e-mail address (register first if necessary) to SLIM Administrator to subscribe to Dropbox (optional)
      6. Send your GitHub user ID (register first if necessary) to SLIM Administrator to subscribe to SINBAD software on GitHub (optional)
    • Reserve the time and attend SLIM's meetings:
      1. CS Seminar - currently on Wednesdays at 12pm
      2. Group meeting - currently on Fridays at 3pm
      3. Data meeting - currently on Monday at 10am
      4. Subscribe to SLIM Group ICal and Google calendar: Once you have LDAP account, you will be able to access calendar for internal group events (see instructions)
    • etc
    1. How to find housing?
    Once you get the LDAP account:
    1. you will be able to access restricted pages on this server with more information; please visit iSLIM (internal information) at https://slimgroup.eos.ubc.ca/groups/islim/
    2. the 'Log In' or 'My Page' buttons at the bottom of this page or simply click 'My Page' button at https://slimgroup.eos.ubc.ca/
    3. do not forget to subscribe to RSS feed to https://slimgroup.eos.ubc.ca/ or visit /My Page' frequently, so you will not miss important updates.
    4. Familiarize yourself with our wiki pages and user blogs.

    Enjoy your stay at SLIM :)