DNOISE Seminar - Spring 2017

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    Time & Location

    Wednesdays, 12:30pm - 13:30 pm, ESB 5106. Pizza and soda are provided.

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    Abstracts and links to reading material will be posted on the blog (see link above and links in the schedule).

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    Schedule for Spring 2017.

    Dates Topic Presenters
    Jan. 25 Monotone operators Bas Peters
    Feb. 1 Monotone operators Bas Peters
    Feb. 15 Scattering Transform Ali Alfaraj - Ali Siahkoohi - Rongrong Wang
    Feb. 22 Accelerating extended least-square migration Marie Graff-Kray
    Mar. 1 Weighted Matrix Completion Oscar Lopez
    Mar. 8 Deep convolutional networks Emmanouil Daskalakis - Oscar Lopez
    Mar. 15 Image Volumes Philipp Witte
    Mar. 22 Extended source FWI Shashin Sharan - Rongrong Wang
    Apr. 5 BFGS-SQP Method Mathias Louboutin
    Apr. 13 Generative Adversarial Imitation Learning Emmanouil Daskalakis
    Apr. 20 GANs Tutorial (1st part) Ali Siahkoohi - Philipp Witte - Mostafa Akrami
    Apr. 27 GANs Tutorial (2nd part) Ali Siahkoohi - Philipp Witte - Mostafa Akrami
    May 10 Improved Training of Wasserstein GANs Rongrong Wang


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